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There are many ways to earn money online today. It is very easy to invest in it and earn a lot in a short period of time. Now people all depend on cryptocurrency and are more attracted to it. trx mining site

Because people of any country can use this cryptocurrency. TRON is a coin that is currently popular among cryptocurrencies. So today I have come up with a website with the help of which you can easily earn TRON.

What is okxmining / trx mining site is an investment website. From this site you can earn more with less hassle and less time. The tasks of this site are very simple that everyone can do.

Go to Website –

How to Create okxmining account?

All information required to open an account on okxmining website is:-

  1. User Name (must be minimum 6-16 characters no spaces can be given)
  2. Password (use minimum 6 digit password to remember)
  3. Phone Number (You must enter your phone number with Country Code)
  4. Email (use your own Gmail account)
  5. Recommendation Code (Use the Invited Code-)

Click Register if everything is OK.

okxmining login

Account – Your user name
password – Your Password
Verification Code – Enter the 4-digit code in the image on the right

Click Login after giving the information.

How to find out if you forget the password?

If you forget your password, click on the Forget Password option on the login page. Then enter your User Name & Gmail Address. Then click on OTP. An email will be sent to the Gmail account you provide. Enter the number code you will receive in the mail. Then enter your new password and click Submit.

How to earn from okxmining

You can earn 3 ways from site. For example:

  1. Basic Investment
  2. Cyclical Investing
  3. Invited to Earn

How is income from Basic Investment?

Everyone can earn from Basic Investment. There are many VIPs in Basic Investment. From where you can upgrade to any vip.

VIP Level:
(1) Deposit of 0 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP0, daily earn & withdrawal of 0%
(2) Deposit of 1-300 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP1, daily earn & withdrawal of 9%
(3) Deposit of 301-5500 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP2, daily earn & withdrawal of 11%
(4) Deposit of 5501-20000 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP3, daily earn & withdrawal of 13%
(5) Deposit of 20001-65000 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP4, daily earn & withdrawal of 15%
(6) Deposit of 65001-1200000 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP5, daily earn & withdrawal of 18%
(7) Deposit of 1200001-520000 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP6, daily earn & withdrawal of 20%
(8) Deposit of 520001-1000000 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP7, daily earn & withdrawal of 23%
(9) Deposit of 1000001-2000000 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP8, daily earn & withdrawal of 25%
(10) Deposit of 2000001-3000000 trx, automatic upgrade to VIP9, daily earn & withdrawal of 36%

Vip will be unlocked according to the amount of Trx you deposit according to the above plan.

How to earn from Cyclical Investing?

Cyclical Investing is locking your deposit amount for a specified period of time. which cannot be withdrawn before the time expires. But the benefit of Cyclical Investing is that the amount you deposit in Cyclical Investing along with your profit will come to your balance at the end of time.

  • 5 Day Cyclical Plan Earn 2.96%-3.63%
  • 15 Day Cyclical Plan Earn: 7.16% – 8.31%
  • 30 Day Cyclical Plan Earn 15.13%-16.36%
  • 45 Day Cyclical Plan Earn 24.13%-25.19%

How to earn by inviting?

You can earn unlimited money by referring this site. You will get up to 3 levels of referral commission. So to refer first click on the share button below and copy your refer link and share it with your friends or anywhere.

For example:
1st Level Refer Commission 10%
2nd Level Refer Commission 2%
3rd Level Refer Commission 1%

If you want to earn money on these sites for a long time, try some referrals. Remember the more referrals the more income and account assets.

How to deposit on okxmining site

To deposit between Basic Investment and Cyclical Investing, click Deposit from the home page. And get 2 options to deposit
° Transfer to basic account
° Transfer to promotion account

If you deposit by clicking on the Transfer to basic account option, the deposit will be directly deposited into Basic Investment.

And if you deposit Transfer to promotion account, Wallet Balance will be added directly. Which you can use in Cyclical Investing and withdraw if you want.

You can deposit here with any dollar among tokens TRX, DOGE, BNB, ETH, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, USDT BEP20.

Click Choose the dollar you want to deposit with. And copy the Wallet Address to send that dollar. If you send the Wallet Address Dollar and click Submit Successful, the amount you will send will be automatically added to the balance. You can deposit as many times as you like.

How to collect profit?

As much as you deposit in Basic Investment, you will get daily profit back from Income Page. So receive profits from the income page every day.

How to withdraw from okxmining

All your income will be deposited in Promotion Account. You can withdraw whenever your balance reaches minimum 7 TRX.
Click on the Withdrawal button to withdraw. First click Choose withdrawal account and set your TRON TRX Wallet Address and payment password.

  • Then first enter the amount to withdraw.
    •Secondly select Wallet Address by clicking Choose withdrawal account.
    •Thirdly enter your payment password and click on the Withdrawal button.

You can withdraw 1 time per day from this site.

Any Problem okxmining Contact:

You can contact them for any problem. But the only way to contact them is through Telegram. You can contact them on Telegram.

Advantages of okxmining

  • This site has automatic deposit and withdrawal system. Which is completed within 1-30 seconds maximum.
  • A good amount of income can be earned on this site by spending 5-10 minutes a day.
  • These sites are long term.
  • You can earn by referring only without making this deposit.
  • Minimum 7 TRX can be withdrawn on this site. And daily money is available every day.

Disadvantages of okxmining

  • Anyone can stop payment on this site at any time.
  • Asks to deposit more while withdrawing payment. So don’t deposit 2nd time.
  • If you have to refer constantly to these sites, then the account is active on the site for many days.
  • Many times contact with them leads to no reply.
  • May reduce one’s profits on the site.

Finally, friends this site is a deposit site. So you have to deposit and work at your own risk. If you profit here you will not give me. And if you lose, I will not give it to you. So deposit carefully. Remember to work if these sites are new and if they are very old then there is no need to work.


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