Application form for USA passport

Application form for USA passport

A passport is required to travel outside the United States. So an adult should apply for his/her personal passport.
If you have a first passport then you can apply for a new passport. You must be eligible to get a passport. You must be a natural born US citizen. For passport application you must apply online or by email.

All documents required for passport

  1. A DS-11 form must be completed for a passport application
  2. Download Form DS-11 [Pdf 5 pages 1.9 MB]
  3. Fill it manually or collect DS-11 form from permanent passport collection facility or regional passport office
  4. Do not sign the DS-11 form until you arrive at the meeting or the passport officer tells you to.
  5. United States Permanent Citizenship Letter.
  6. Photocopy of NID card.
  7. Five copies of passport size photos
  8. Submit the prescribed passport fee

The application process for passport book and passport card is same card so you have to mention which type of passport you want to apply for similar passport in our book.

All the documents required for the passport of the child

All children under the age of 16 must be present to receive a passport. The child’s parents must be present and sign the passport application. A passport for a 16-year-old child will be valid for five years. Follow the department’s step-by-step process to ensure you have the proper form.

Application Steps

  1. Fill Form DS-11 and print it
  2. Photocopy of United States citizenship certificate
  3. Relationship between child and parent
  4. Photocopy of NID card
  5. Passport size photograph
  6. Payment of passport fee
  7. Those aged 16 to 17 must apply in person using S11
  8. Passports for 16 and above will be valid for 10 years.

What to do if your passpord is lost or stolen

You must report your passport to the State Department if it is lost or stolen. Use the online tool for lost or stolen passports by submitting Form DS64 online. Phone Number :- Call toll free (1-877-487-2778 (TTY 1-888-874-7793). Use DS Form DS-64 via mobile and email the address in the form. Then the State Department will cancel this passport. Once found you can no longer use it

Steps to renew passport

Passport renewal can take up to three months so it is very important to renew your passport before it expires. Contact the current state department for passport renewal.

Passport Renewal Rules

  1. Passport must be renewed through email
  2. You need to download application form DS-82 and fill it
  3. Collect the form from the permanent passport collection facility or regional agency.
  4. Submit passport size photograph and passport fee.
  5. Once your new passport and old passport are matched, you will be notified by SMS
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