Earn money by playing games. I will tell you how to earn money by playing games. Today I bring you five games that you can earn money by playing. Playing the games will fulfill your hobby and you can also earn money. So let’s know how you can earn money by playing games.

Top 5 Games Play to Make Money

Top 5 Games Play to Make Money – 5 Online Games Play to Earn Money

First of all, it is difficult to earn money by playing games. The harder you work, the more you will reap. So far there is no direct system in any game from which money can be earned directly. But today I will tell you the systems by which you can earn money by playing games. Look, people are earning thousands of rupees a month by playing games.

He is now earning around 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees per month by playing games. You will see many YouTubers and there are many who play games on Facebook live but earn money.

Playing some games can be successful now and you can earn money from it. That’s why I will tell you about five games from which you can earn money by playing any of the games.

Earn money by playing top five games?

1. Garena Free Fire


3. Subway Surfers

4. Mafia City

5. World Cricket

You can earn money by playing these five games, but I will tell you how to do it in detail below. Definitely complete the post carefully and you can play the games which you find easy. And here I will also tell you which game you can achieve success quickly by playing. So let us tell you the complete details.

The means of earning money by playing the above five games is 1. YouTube 2. Facebook

Currently you can earn money by playing these two games. I will explain below how you will work in these two systems.

What do you need to earn money playing games?

1. Mobile phone or computer. Any one from here will do. Now everyone no longer has expensive phones and computers. If you have a mobile phone worth more than 10000 rupees then it will.

2. Choose any game of your choice. Games that you can play for life time. And also see which game can be played well on your phone.

3. Now the medium will be required. Through which you can earn money. Like YouTube and Facebook.

4. An app will be needed to record the games or show the games live. I will also tell about those apps below. Either way you can do both perfectly.

5. You will also need a VPN. Currently we have two games banned in Bangladesh or India. Free Fire and Pubg Games. So you need a good VPN to play these two games. I will tell you below which VPN to use.

If you have these five apps then you will. Now you can earn money only through these five apps. Details on how to earn money are given below:

First you choose your favorite game?

1. Garena Free Fire

Nowadays free fire games are one of the most popular games. These games have over one billion downloads. The games have become very popular all over the world. So you can earn by playing this game. The tips and tricks of the games are very necessary for people. Or people like watching these games a lot. And there are many who learn by playing games. Besides, you will have a lot of fun watching the games. So you can play this game if you want. These games should make your mobile a little better. If your mobile is more than ten thousand rupees then it will be. And if your phone has 2gb ram you can play the games very easily. But I will suggest you definitely 3 GB or 4 GB phone will be better. Since you’ll be recording or liking skins, the phone needs to be a little better.


This game is very popular among online games. PUBG mobile games have been downloaded more than 500 million times. So you can understand that these games are very popular among people. So you can earn by playing these games if you want. So if you can play this game or if want to learn the game. Then you can earn with this game. These games are similar to Free Fire. These games are coming before free fire, but free fire is more popular than it. But if you like this game then you can earn by playing this game. Only then your mobile should be of better quality to play these games. Your mobile will need about 4GB of RAM. Then you understand that the mobile must be a little expensive to play these PUBG mobile games. So if you have an expensive phone or an expensive computer then you can play these games.

3. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a very popular game for kids. These games are not only for kids but adults also play these games. You can play the game online and offline. So games have become most popular for kids. You can earn by playing this game. Games can be earned by uploading videos or live. Your mobile doesn’t need to be expensive to play these games. You can play these games with a normal smartphone. So if you don’t like the above two games, you can choose these games.

4. Mafia City

Mafia City game is very popular and one of the games. This game is similar to Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. But this game is of slightly different quality from them. The demand of this game is very high among people. This game is not only in Bangladesh and India but the game is a favorite game in almost different countries. Many people like this game but this game is not mostly for kids. So you can earn by playing this game. You don’t need a good phone to play these games. Normal should be a phone. If your phone is more than 10 thousand taka, it will be done. And you can play the game very easily on that mobile. Ok friends if you want you can also like these games.

5. World Cricket

If you go to playstore you will get many crickets games. From there you can download the games according to your choice. Here I have shown a picture of a game similar to this. You can earn by playing these games You can earn by playing these games. But you have to work with a little technique. As it happens, you can’t earn by playing or live these games all the time. Play these games only when watching a game be it World Cup or IPL or different league games. Then you will see that these games cannot be seen live on YouTube or Facebook. Then you will play these games with a little technique and show it live. Then you will see that automatically users or people will come to you to watch your games. In this way, you can earn thousands of rupees in a limited way. Ok if you have good understanding about cricket game then you can earn by playing this game.

Now you can choose any game from above that you can play. If you like it then you should open a youtube channel about it and also open another facebook page. To see how to open account on YouTube and Facebook, you can now go to YouTube and search how to open channel on YouTube and open Facebook page on Facebook. Only then you can remove the accounts in this regard. The reason is that currently the most popular platforms are YouTube and Facebook. But you can earn thousands of rupees through these two means. Both of these methods require uploading videos or showing people about your game. Then you can earn through this.

Why need vpn?

Above are two games which are banned in different countries. So you can’t play the games directly through the local network. So you can play games using vpen. Many people may still say which vpn to use will be best. But I can’t say which vpn will work well on your phone, so you can go to the play store and search by typing vpn, you will see that you will get many vpn from there, you can download and try it. Also if I suggest you can download Kurak VPN and play the games. It does not give any network problem. So you can download a vpn of your choice from it.

Apps to record and live Streems?

Turnip is the best app to record and like skins. Apart from this, there are various other applications that you can check out to see which one is easier or more convenient for you. I have given you a picture below, if you want you can download the apps from there. You will get it if you go to play store and search.

Friends now you can earn from youtube and facebook but not at once. All you need to do is to earn from these two platforms.

If you want to work on YouTube then you need to open a YouTube channel. Besides, you will not be able to earn as soon as you open a channel on YouTube, so you will need to monetize the YouTube channel.

Now how to monetize?

If you regularly live stream and upload videos regularly on YouTube then it won’t take much time for you to get monetization. 3,000 hours of watch time and 500 subscribers are required to get monetization on YouTube. If you can complete these even within a year then you will get monetization. If you get monetization then your income will start. If you can play good games or show people who you are, you can achieve success very quickly.

How to create youtube channel 2024 : Beginner’s Guide

What do you need if you want to work on Facebook?

To work on Facebook, you need to open an account on Facebook and create a page from that account. And you can earn money only through Facebook page. There are systems like Facebook pages and YouTube. Here also you have to follow some rules to get monetization. But here are the conditions that you have to do to get monetization. To get monetization on facebook page you need to create 10000 followers on facebook page and you need to see people for 60000 minutes in 90 days. And you look at those conditions.

So guys if you want to work on these two platforms you need to get monetization first. But to get monetization you have to do a lot of hard work. You have to constantly upload videos of your games and go live constantly. You can work here with patience and you can achieve a lot of success from these two platforms.

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