Use mobile apps today to prepare for the April earthquake

Use mobile apps today to prepare for the April earthquake

A recent earthquake jolted New York City to the northeast. So everyone is advised to use the MyShake app to be prepared. The languages ​​that can be read in this app are: English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Vietnamese, Korean, and Filipino.

The app shares resources in multiple languages ​​during Earthquake Preparedness Month. Also, sign up for the app today to learn about the state’s first-in-the-nation earthquake warning system to prepare for the next big earthquake.

This app is the first in the state of California to serve as a public warning. which is a statewide warning system that sends messages within seconds to California residents to quickly drop, cover and hold on.

The MyShake app can be downloaded for free on smartphones. It provides virtual alerts for Android and iPhone users. Besides, you can send free text messages for emergency situations.

This app allows individuals, businesses and communities to take immediate action to protect lives and property when a major earthquake strikes.

Risk Advance Planning

  • Visit to learn about your local hazards:
  • Keep furniture, appliances, home fuel systems and more in a safe place to prepare your home
  • Create a customized emergency plan for your specific needs.
  • Create an emergency contact list
  • Create an emergency supply kit with copies of important documents
  • Know how to protect yourself during an earthquake?
  • During an earthquake, get down on the ground and cover your head with your hands and do not remove your hands from your neck until the shaking of the earthquake stops.
  • Watch out for aftershocks
  • Stay in touch with family and friends after the shaking stops.
    • Contact your essential contacts
    • Try to help those in your community who may need extra help.
    • Contact local authorities and government agencies as soon as possible.
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