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How to make money online Brainy – make money online paypal – best earning app without investment

Brainy is the best income apps to earn money online. From this apps you can earn $5 – $10 per day. And you can withdraw daily money every day. In these apps you can work with phone. So only your mobile phone will earn money if you work. Tasks are very simple like playing games and completing puzzles. As mentioned earlier, you need a PayPal account to work with this app. Because PayPal account is required to receive payment from this app. From today you can take payment in one way. So you must have a PayPal account to work on the apps.

What works in Brainy apps?

How to account in Brainy apps?

Brainy Apps Download

Download the app from play store and open it. On opening the app you will get an option to open an account. Click on continue with Google to open the account. All the gmail accounts on your phone will show. From here, click on the email that you want to open the account with. This will open your automatic account.

Brainy Create Account
Work in Brainy Apps 2024

1. Earn Ticket: You get 25 tickets free as soon as you open an account. And you can play games with these tickets.  You will need one ticket for each game. For this you must earn tickets. Click on Earn Ticket to earn tickets. Then you click Watch Ad. This way you can earn as many tickets as you watch video ads. For every app view you get two tickets.

2. Game: You will collect tickets from Earn Tickets. And you can play games with that ticket. You have to spend one ticket for each game played. And you can earn 10 coins from one game. Click on Game then click on Reveal. Then your game will start. The game will have six green colored buttons.  These buttons will be hidden. You must remember which button was green. And next you have to match those green buttons by clicking. If you make a mistake you won’t get any coins. Of course while playing the game remember which six buttons were green with zero. You have to match it. This way you can play unlimited games and earn coins.

3. Task Offer: You can earn more money by completing the offers. Clicking Task Offer will bring you two offers.  From there you will click on any one. And when you open the offer you will get many games or applications. These are the functions of the offer. If you can do the offer tasks then you can earn a lot of coins by doing this. Hope you can do the offered tasks if you try. The basic work here is that you have to download the apps and you have to complete the rules that will be there. Besides, you have to play the games that can be offered online and complete all the conditions there. Thus basically you have to do the task offer tasks.

4. Survey Offer: Survey Offer will give you different types of questions online.  By answering those questions you have to complete the offers.  The survey offer tasks are a bit difficult.  So if you can do the survey tasks then you can earn a lot of coins from here.  Here you will get various offers.  Most of the work in this offer is online where you have to answer different types of questions.

5. Invite Friends: You can earn money by inviting your friends. Here you will get referral link. If you share this link to your friends, if they download the apps from your link and open an account, you will get cash money from them.  If your friend open account from your referral link he will get 0.10$ and you will get 0.25$. So the more you refer the more you will earn. You will share your referral link on social media including facebook twitter from there you will get good referrals.

Apps Extra Money Earn?

Rate Us: Rate Us Clicking will take you to Play Store.  Go there and leave a review. You can give the rating with five star or any star.

Social Rewards Earn?

You can earn coins by following the social media of these apps.

Braniy Payment Method?

• PayPal

Minimum Payout 10$.

Friends you can earn 5 to 10 dollars per day from this apps. Here are the coins that you will earn. Those coins will be converted into dollars after 24 hours. And the coins you deposit in your account within 24 hours will be converted to dollar gift after 24 hours. Thus, when you earn 10 dollars in your balance, you can withdraw the payment through your PayPal account.

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